Data and Information Services

The core business of the IODE Programme is promoting the global sharing of ocean data and information. Through the IODE activities described under “Activities” a number of online data and information services have been developed. These can be discovered and accessed quickly through the below links:

(logo) ODISCat:
The ODIS “Catalogue of Sources” aims to be an online browsable and searchable catalogue of existing ocean related web-based sources/systems of data and information as well as products and services. It will also provide information on products and visualize the landscape (entities and their connections) of ocean data and information sources.

(logo) ODIS Global Search Portal :

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(logo) OBIS portal :

Accessible high-quality data on ocean biodiversity and biogeography is key to an information-driven approach to restore our ocean and curb future degradation. Following from the to date largest effort to decrypt the mysteries of our ocean– the Census of Marine Life – the Ocean Biodiversity Information system (OBIS) was created to collate existing and manage new information on the diversity, abundance and distribution of marine life.

OBIS goes beyond traditional data archives. In addition to making an integrated product of the archived data, OBIS trains and educates its members and collaborators to collect and standardise marine data in a way that makes the data findable, accessible, interoperable and easily reusable by others. The OBIS database captures the full spectrum of marine diversity both in the types of organisms and data, such as abundance, habitat, or even genetic.

In providing open-access data, OBIS removes barriers of historic inequality and fosters fair access to and benefit-sharing of information. It is a community built on the culture of collaboration and the plurality of perspectives and ideas of its network. Ultimately, by sharing expertise and data, OBIS is shaping the design and delivery of data-driven ocean knowledge to promote nature-based solutions contributing to theUN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.

AquaDocs :


Ocean Best Practices System Repository