IODE Projects

A Project is an action limited in time and is fully funded from extra-budgetary sources.  These actions are associated either directly with a Programme Component or with a Programme Activity.

PacMAN is a 3-year (2020-2023) project funded by the Flanders Government, through the Flanders UNESCO Trust Fund (FUST) for the support of UNESCO’s activities in the field of Science, and co-funded by the Richard Lounsbery Foundation. PacMAN will increase the technical and scientific capacity in marine invasive species early warning and early detection using international standards and best practices and applying novel technologies (DNA metabarcoding), and will provide information to implement national and international policies with the aim to reduce and prevent the introduction of new invasive species into the marine environment.

eDNA Expeditions :

Environmental DNA Expeditions is a global, citizen science initiative that will help measure marine biodiversity, and the impacts climate change might have on the distribution patterns of marine life, across UNESCO World Heritage marine sites.