The DCO for Ocean Data Sharing shall carry out the following actions in support of the Decade:

Coordination of Actions and Stakeholder Facilitation and Engagement

  1. Organization of (online) meetings for stakeholder communities (grouped or joint and in close cooperation with the Data Coordination Group) to discuss the targets of the data chapter of the Decade IP, required infrastructure and methodologies, possible contributions from stakeholder communities, benefits to stakeholder communities,
  2. Engage and coordinate with the Data Coordination Group and the Technical Implementation Coordination Group that will be implemented within the Data Coordination Platform set up by the DCU,
  3. Organization of (online) meetings with leaders of related, relevant Decade DCCs, DIPs (Decade Implementing Partners), and DCOs, Programmes and Projects to ensure coherent actions and complementarity and facilitate this through the community of practice on the global stakeholder forum,
  4. Establishment of technical or strategic sub-groups to co-design required actions in response to Calls for Decade Actions with attention to end user engagement and end user needs,
  5. Facilitate Decade Actions (eg through the IODE/GOOS OBPS) in support of best practices for data management, scientific coordination and planning, tools and resources for developing capacity on research data management and sharing, and resources for data publishing, sharing and interoperability,
  6. Promote cooperation with relevant IOC Programmes, related Projects, other relevant UN entities and stakeholder groups in order to advance the implementation of the Decade,
  7. Support capacity development under the remit of the DCO which can be provided through existing activities such as OceanTeacher Global Academy and related activities,
  8. Maintain an updated list of relevant Decade Programmes, Projects, and Activities, as well as Decade Contributions, when they are relevant for the DCO’s scope of work, including information on relevant contacts, status, partners, and its expected activities and outcomes.
  9. Proactively facilitate the structuring and engagement of a Communities of Practice around ocean data sharing via the Global Stakeholder Forum to facilitate dialogue and exchange between other Decade stakeholders.

Supporting Decade Calls for Action

  1. Based upon requirements identified during stakeholder meetings, draft calls for action to contribute to the expected outcomes (facilitate discussions in CoPs on gaps and needs in the digital ecosystem to inform the scoping of future calls for decade actions in close cooperation with the DCG),
  2. Discuss and coordinate draft calls with DCU (as well as with DCCs and ongoing programmes, projects to ensure complementarity). CFDAs will be launched by DCU – role of DCO is to provide input to scoping and provide input to review process for programmes to inform endorsement decisions,
  3. The IODE Project Office, IODE Committee and active IODE projects regularly publish and review calls for proposals for consultants and sub-contractors, so mechanisms are in place.

Monitoring & Reporting

  1. Organize regular reporting by all DCCs, DIPs, programmes and projects within the scope of work of the DCO and in line with the requirements of the Monitoring and Evaluation Framework of the Ocean Decade,
  2. Provide advice and data to the DCU on monitoring and evaluation data from the Decade Programs, Projects and Activities under its scope of work,
  3. Deliver an annual workplan to the DCU and the IODE Management Group on the first semester of each year, setting out the DCO’s priorities, tasks, goals, and timing for the year, to make sure there is alignment with the Ocean Decade goals, the other DCOs/DCCs, and other relevant Decade stakeholders,
  4. Present an annual financial and activity report for the previous calendar year , to be presented during the first trimester of the following year.
  5. Contribute to Decade annual reporting, including the preparation of programmatic / geographic summaries of Decade Actions under their scope of work, case studies or more in depth thematic or geographic analyses.

The diagram below illustrates the lines of reporting between the Decade Actions, the DCO for Ocean Data Sharing, the DCU and the IODE Project Office.


  1. Raise awareness and visibility of the Decade amongst diverse stakeholder groups and coordinate targeted communications activities in line with branding and messaging guidelines provided by the Decade Coordination Unit,
  2. Organize regular communication of all activities undertaken by DCCs, programmes and projects under the scope of work of the DCO, through appropriate communication and public awareness channels,
  3. Ensure communication channels between the DCO for Ocean Data Sharing, other DCOs and the DCU to ensure overall coordination of communication on data and information across all IP chapters.

Mobilization of Resources

  1. In close coordination with the DCU, DCCs, programmes and projects under the scope of the DCO, and supported by relevant communication efforts, undertake resource mobilization efforts to fund endorsed Decade projects and programmes through financial or in-kind contributions by member states, other organizations, private sector and foundations,
  2. Coordinate Resource Needs Assessments of endorsed programmes and projects under the responsibility of the DCO in line with guidance provided by the DCU,
  3. Seek partnerships, voluntary commitments, sponsorship and funding to strengthen the implementation and impact of a world-class digital data eco-system.

Other Agreed Functions & Responsibilities

  1. Align strategy development and implementation with:
    1. The other DCOs, DIPs and DCCs that are established within the Decade that focus on the observation, management, analysis and /or delivery of data and information.
    2. The Data Coordination Group and the Technical Implementation Coordination Group that will be formed under the Terms of Reference of the Data Coordination Platform, and with the Data & Knowledge Management Officer of the DCU.
  1. Encourage adherence to best practices (including existing data policies and terms of use) and FAIR data principles within the Decade Actions.