The IODE programme’s governing body is the IODE Committee, composed of heads of NODCs, ADUs and AIUs. IOC Member States, in addition, provide in-kind support to the IODE programme through their national data and information centres, which are members of the IODE Committee.

The IOC Project Office for IODE was formally approved for establishment by the IOC Assembly at its 22nd Session (2003) through Resolution XXII-7 and officially inaugurated on 25 April 2005. It is the decentralized secretariat of the IODE Programme. Based in Oostende, Belgium, it coordinates all project activities of the IODE Programme, as well as the IOC capacity development strategy.

The DCO for Ocean Data Sharing will be hosted by the IODE Project Office to ensure a non- duplicative coordination role and to benefit from available in-kind resources (e.g. office space, etc.). The DCO will report to the IODE Project Office on regular operations and will report to the DCU and IODE Management Group on major decisions regarding funding, scope and direction, and to report on progress, similar to other IODE components.

The DCO’s team includes a full-time Manager who will manage the office and provide high-level support for its activities; a Technical Implementation Lead; and an Administrative Assistant. The DCO Manager will act as the focal point, responsible for maintaining communications with other Decade organizations, such as the DCU and other DCOs/DCCs. The organizational chart below provides an overview of the lines of authority and communication of the DCO team: